He Opened Not

We were on our way to Durbin for a holiday………and with hopes and prayers for opportunities along the way to give the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to others – as all of His Ambassadors do.

I was traveling with a young South African pastor and his mother and father-in-law and we stopped along the way to visit with their relatives. For several days we had the opportunties we had been praying for and shared the Word with small groups of people in a little mud house, both by daylight and candelight. Chickens freely roamed in and out of the house – even at times being shooed off the table.

As the night deepened and sleeping time came I was given the honor of sleeping in a bedroom. On the table was a gift for me – a roll of toilet paper for use in the outdoor toilet. After taking care of matters I slept well, and awoke with a deep, almost overwhelming joy surging out of my heart which lasted the entire trip. I had found a new joy!

A Joyful New Experience.

Further along the way we visited other family members, arriving in the early evening. The man of the house, a policeman, was not at home but we were welcomed warmly by others and proudly shown the big bedroom and big bed – just adjacent to the sitting room. Everyone was very thrilled they could afford such a thing.

As often is the custom in Africa, we were left alone to chat by ourselves and soon someone came in with a large ram on a rope. I didn’t understand what was being said as they were of course speaking in the local language. But I did understand that everyone was commenting that it was a fine sheep and I agreed by saying it was beautiful, plunging my fingers down through the thick wool – all the way to the skin. The pleased young man departed with it.

The Chosen Ram

We continued to chat for what seemed a long time and then people began to bring in table settings, obviously in preparation for the evening meal.

A very large platter of roasted meat was then graciously presented. The young pastor with us then explained to me that it was part of the ram that we had just seen earlier! It had been brought in for our approval before being slaughtered in honor of our visit! I was very sad.

He then expounded on that topic – that we had heard nothing – no cries from the beautiful animal. He said that if it had been a goat it would have been very noisy, but not the sheep – and related it to the stance of Jesus Christ, at the time of His crucification.

One morning not long after, when in prayer, I was reminded again of the experience and went quickly to my Bible where I read:

Isaiah 53:7 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

And also,

Acts 8:32……..He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so opened he not his mouth.

Sometimes I am too quick to open my mouth.

Nancy, Ambassador of Jesus Christ


Oh, how we danced, sang, and rejoiced by candlelight in the kitchen and out on the star-lighted veranda that night, after a wonderful supper of fried chicken – a favorite.  Because, you see, it had been a very special day.

We had eaten delicious finger dripping watermelon with a queen and had shared the Gospel with her!

Watermelon Plants On My Veranda in Malawi

 I was visiting another lady pastor in a distant African village at the time, and she had asked if I would like to visit the king, thinking the reign had been taken over by the son in recent days although we soon learned that had not yet happened.  Evidently audience with the royalty was not unusual, after paying a small fee.  I agreed to make the trip up the mountain and the other pastor, and a lady friend and I started out one soon mid-morning and proceeded up the mountain for some distance. Midway, we approached an old house where several aged men were sitting outside – to collect the money.  My pastor friend approached the leader and very quietly and respectfully asked for an audience, paid for it, and one of the men escorted us further up the mountain. Before long we went through a gate into what was the compound of the royalty, winding through many groupings of very clean, lovely small pastel painted houses. 

Soon, the lady pastor whispered, ‘We are here.’  Looking up, I saw a very fat woman sitting at the side of a building, on a small hill, accompanied by several men. (In explanation, I will say that obesity in poverty stricken countries is considered prosperity and therefore is greatly desired.) I whispered back, ‘This is the Queen?’ to which she whispered back a surprised, ‘ Yes!’ having expected to see the new young king.

The man leading motioned us to sit on the chairs positioned just a few feet away in front of this privileged group – the Queen and her attendants.  We chatted for a few minutes and soon one of the attendants returned from the garden with a big, ripe watermelon.  He sliced it and gave us each a very large piece, which we ate with dripping fingers – every delicious morsel.

The Queen asked many questions about me, our ministry, etc., and etc., and then asked if she could ask me a question about the Bible.  When I, of course, agreed she said – and I quote – ‘We know that the world was destroyed once by a flood.  I have heard that it is going to be destroyed again.  Can you tell me about that?’

We had just been studying II Peter, Chapter 3, which describes the coming destruction of the world by fire, and I opened my Bible and began to teach her, of course ending with the way to escape – by salvation through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  I invited her to consider what I had taught her, and said that I hoped to see her in Heaven someday.  She promised to consider it and thanked us for coming.

My dear pastor friend almost ran down the mountain with excitement.  She said that she and her group of Bible study ladies had, some months ago, fasted and prayed for the Queen to hear the Gospel.  They did this for a period of time and then felt freedom from the fast, and were confident that somehow, some way,  she would hear – but wondering how, oh how, could they possibly do that???? 

This day their prayer had been answered!

What a blessed privilege it is to be an Ambassador of Jesus Christ! We can never know just what exciting events God has in store for us! (Second Corinthians 5:17-18)

So that evening we had the special food of fried chicken and sang into the dark night.  One of those rejoicing with us that was a young man who I will tell about in another blog…………


Nancy, Ambassador of Jesus Christ


April 2, 2019

It is time once again to rest and recover from another extended time in, and another lengthy flight from, my beloved Malawi.

Now I am blessed to be able to spend a little season in my home apartment in Flint, Michigan. I am thrilled once again to be able to use my dishes collected from various locations over the years. They are inexpensive, but beautiful to me.

My International Cupboard

Few can really understand the peaceful, quiet joy experienced by turning on a faucet that willingly expels hot water, and to get a nice pretty CLEAN plate from the cupboard, when at breakfast just a few days ago there was an awareness that EVERYTHING in my cupboard had, without a doubt, been paraded with cockroaches during the night.

The trip was long. The time from Chileka, Malawi, to my arrival in Flint, Michigan being a total of 28 1/2 hours, but there were many beautiful scenes along the way. I do love flying!

Down the runway from Chileka International Airport
Beautiful! What a Creator we have!
Johannesburg in the rain

Two hours later we landed at Johannesburg, in a rainstorm. Esther would have loved it! (You will hear more about her as you continue on with me through these blogs.) After a few hours we again boarded, this time for an all-night, 15 hour flight.

Leaving Johannesburg

Morning….Atlanta……then on to Flint!

Old Glory!

As always, I prayed during each segment of the flights for opportunities to speak to someone about the Love of My Soul, Jesus Christ. Isn’t that what ambassadors do? As I boarded the last flight, I was very much aware that my prayer had not yet been answered.

But……I arrived home with my heart almost bursting with joy, because on the last section of the long flight home God met my request. The flight was 2 hours in length and for 1 1/2 hours Ann, from Cass City, and I spoke of and rejoiced in Him! How wonderful it is to have those special times with fellow Ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

So now, I am resting in Him, enjoying hot showers, my beautiful dishes and just being home again. Ladies, it is a simple joy to just wash my dishes, in my beautiful Malawian dishpan, in HOT WATER, from my generous faucet.

I love it!


Nancy, a Joyful Ambassador of Jesus Christ.


As the South African Airways Flight 172 plane turned and prepared for take-off, I caught a glimpse of the long runway on which we would very soon speed for take-off.  It reminded me of the painting, now in the living room of my home in the States, in which Jesus is standing on the crossbar of a cross lying suspended over a gulf.  His left hand is pointing to the end of the cross which projects into a road leading to Heaven.  His right hand is beckoning us to come.

After two days and nights of traveling from the States, I am now on my final flight of the trip back home to my home in Malawi, Africa – back to work – to beckon people to Jesus – the only Way to Heaven. 

  • John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

As we were lost in the clouds, and then as they cleared and I saw houses below becoming smaller and smaller, I thought about the wonderful day coming when He will split the eastern sky and take us up to be with Him forever – and we won’t look down, or back.

Not everyone has earthly travels from continent to continent, as I do and have been doing for many years, but we are all traveling to a final destination.

Are we on the right road, and ready for the final flight?

I wrote the above words in 2011 and have now come to the time of beginning to write about the many experiences God has given me over the years. Some have been almost unbearably heartbreaking, some actually frightening, but also some have been almost overwhelmingly joyful.

I praise God for each and every one as I have traveled my journey with Him and am hopeful that these writings will be of some encouragement, or challenge, to someone else as they also travel through life toward their final destination.